Our vision is for a vibrantly-restored building that invites everyone within its walls, providing an opportunity to learn about its storied past, or record, have an event here, purchase some art from the Open Art Studio of The Stewpot, or relax with some coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. We like to think of the Western Wind, depicted on the front of 508, the mildest wind, represented in Greek mythology by Zephyrus as the guiding spirit for our vision.


Recording studio

On the third floor of 508, we will create a fully functioning recording studio to be used for both recording and educational purposes. In the same location where the Light Crust Doughboys, Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, the Crystal Spring Ramblers, Black Boy Shine, W. Lee O’Daniel and his Hillbilly Boys, Robert Johnson, and many others recorded, current musicians and students will be able to record.

508 Amphitheater 

Building on The Stewpot’s 20-plus year history of nurturing artistic expression, Encore Park will widen the opportunity for adults, children, and youth to experience music. An outdoor amphitheater for public performances is being built at 1900 Young. It will facilitate collaborations with First Presbyterian Church’s music ministry and local music groups in expanding outreach and music education.

Museum of Street Culture

The Museum of Street Culture is the first of its kind in the world. It will aim to nurture creativity among rich and poor, draw parallels to today’s world, and catalyze public dialogue. It will include the Stewpot’s Open Art program gallery for Stewpot’s homeless clients to feature their work and receive 90% of sales (with 10% of sales funding the art supplies operating budget).

The Sculpture wall

The Sculpture Wall is a lost-wax bronze sculpture wall that features iconic and lesser-known visual stories from the history of Dallas up to the mid1930s. This site-specific installation features ten 6-foot by 4-foot bas relief panels along Park Avenue created by Brad Oldham International and called “The Birth of a City.”


stewpot open art program

The Stewpot Open Art Program is a community outreach program serving the homeless and at-risk populations of Dallas. It is open to people looking for an environment to express and create through the medium of art. The Stewpot Open Art Program--which has been in existence since the 1990s--nurtures the artistic talents of homeless and at-risk individuals.