An exciting series on the blues in North Texas from the Fort Worth Star Telegram

Back in December, Cary Darling, a writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram came for a tour of 508 Park. At this point, we have removed the interior office spaces that were created in 1960. Walking inside it now, we can imagine how the floors might have appeared in the 1930s. We knew Darling was working on something interesting, but when his series on the blues in North Texas began to appear, it thrilled and amazed us, filled as it is with wonderful blues artists, timelines, and insights. Of course, we were pleased that his series kicked off with a focus on Larry Lampkin, the blues artist who headlined our Dedication Weekend in October.

First, though, Darling offered a poetic introduction about the history of the Blues in North Texas. Darling writes, referring to some of the blues’ most important figures, “Their legacy lives today, even if it's often unseen and unacknowledged by the wider world.

“It pulses through clubs like R.L.'s Blues Palace No. 2 in Dallas and Keys Lounge in Fort Worth.

“It haunts the floorboards of the long-dilapidated 508 Park building - now undergoing an exciting renovation in Dallas - where Robert Johnson recorded Hellhound on My Trail and other classics.”